Can I Claim A Parent As A Dependent

Children, elderly parents, relatives or other members of your household can get you big savings on your taxes.

Tax Tips: Claiming a parent as dependentWho Can I Claim as a Dependent on My Taxes? – Many people provide support to aging parents, other close relatives.

mail your mother a check doesn’t mean you can claim her as a dependent. If you want to claim a relative as a dependent.

In this case, Sally says the child’s parents aren’t in the picture and.

that child is yours to claim as the dependent, even if you aren’t the child’s legal guardian. "I don’t understand how.

There are two major benefits of the child and dependent care credit: Don’t worry about knowing tax rules, with TurboTax Live,

The head of household status can lead to a lower taxable income and greater potential refund.

even if the divorce or.

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or the dependent is a child of divorced or separated parents, or is a victim of kidnapping. Filing status: If he or she is.

As any parent knows, raising kids can be extremely expensive.

This can be day care, a nanny, or other care you pay for as.

Top 3 Tax Tips for Single Parents From Intuit TurboTax – To qualify for the credit, each child must be age 12 years or younger. In the year that a child turns 13, you can only claim.

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