How Much Do Braces Cost For Kids

6 ways to keep a money talk with your teens from turning into a heated argument – Conversations about money with your high school kids can easily turn heated. Here’s how to keep things on an even keel.

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How much do braces cost on average? – The cost varies depending on the extent of work.

Nemours Foundation web site: "Why do people need braces?" and "Affording Braces." Aetna web site: "Orthodontics Braces and More.".

There are some programs that use kids of low-income households.

precisely as your orthodontist advises. Q: How Much Do Braces or Invisalign Cost? A: You may actually qualify for low monthly.

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Braces typically cost about $4,500 per child.

"They are dealing with the tough question, do we need dental care for adults or do we need braces for more kids?" Morrow said.

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costs by the number of kids a family has in school and it quickly becomes a question of choices. How much can you afford?

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braces — or would I have to do traditional braces? (Responses were mixed). How long would I have to be in them? (Eighteen to 30 months). How much would they cost?