Why Does My Refund Still Say Processing

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One of the benefits of purchases made through Amazon Warehouse is that Amazon’s standard 30-day replacement or refund return.

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“Giving a refund in the form of a credit for more or different merchandise.

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and I would say 85-95% of my boxes were always missing something,” said one former.

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The personalized quiz, designed to confirm that taxpayers are really who they say.

"I still don’t have my refund." The taxation department doesn’t have a tally of the complaints, but does.

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refund. Our services are free and you can claim quickly and easily online.’ My guess is that the picture misused by KLG comes from New Zealand where the tax department is still.

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Why didn’t you? In your correspondence with American, the company says.

hour refund rule does, indeed, apply to gift card purchases. It doesn’t matter how you paid. The 24-hour rule still.