How To Buy Used Tires

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Wingo said he hopes to simplify the process of buying tires as much as possible.

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Deputies say Lorenzo Strong used a stolen credit card to pay for a set of 26-inch Gazario chrome rims, totaling $2,460, at Rent-A-Wheel on Two Notch Road on December, 11, 2017. Strong’s brother.

The business used to be called Woods OK Tire and was operated by the late Boyce Woods. Gilley said he went into the shop one.

How to Choose a Different-Sized Wheel and Tire Combination – 100% of the fees we collect are used to support our nonprofit mission.

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Related: Tips for Buying a High-Mileage Used Car As always, start with our used-car checklist.

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Winter might still be in full swing, but we’re stuck dreaming of those sweet and sunny days of spring. And once the cleanin’ season starts, your car’s probably going to be one of the first things.