What Do Our Taxes Pay For

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If you’ll struggle to pay what you owe by Tax Day, experts say it’s important to avoid panicking and to make sure you file your return on time anyway. Set up a payment plan to pay what you owe.

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Five ways to deal if you don’t have enough money to pay your taxes. A new analysis adds to.

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What should you do if you can’t pay your taxes by the April 15th tax deadline? Don’t worry, you have a couple of options. Watch for simple steps on what to do if you’re unable to pay your taxes.

Do our tax dollars really pay for real estate ad police? —Jacob L. I’m not unsympathetic to the plight of the little guy confronting the bone-grinding wheels of bureaucracy, Jacob, but surely.

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How Do Your Tax Dollars Get Spent?What taxes do you have to pay during the course of your business cycle? – Just like individuals businesses have to pay several taxes either by the federal government, the state government or local authorities. There are different taxes paid depending on business.

Because the extension doesn’t give you more time to pay, you have to estimate your tax liability. But how do you know how much to pay if you haven’t finished your tax return? "Actually.