Mortgage Vs Deed Of Trust

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Q: I recently paid off my mortgage and received a Certificate of Satisfaction from my lender that was recorded with the county recorder’s office. This certificate stated that the lien had been.

A: Let’s start by saying that when you take out a loan, you generally give a lender a mortgage or deed of trust. A mortgage creates a lien on your property that gives the lender the right to foreclose.

The following deeds of trust were.

to Branch Banking and Trust Company $142,500 Jennifer D. Rainsberger to Branch Banking and Trust Company $204,133 Jonna M. Kurr-Murphy, Vanessa Lee Rogers to.

The following deeds of trust were recorded.

Harrington to Branch Banking and Trust Company $131,000 Petrosillo D. Jackson, Kasheta Jackson to Quicken Loans Inc. $276,280 Stacy L. Dori to Affiliated.

MERS, parent of the electronic mortgage.

deed of trust. Additionally, the Court rejected the borrowers’ argument that book-entry systems were prohibited from acting as beneficiaries under the Texas.

The following deeds of trust were recorded with the Pitt County Registrar of Deeds from March 7-13: Michael Lee, Anna Lee to Accelerate Mortgage LLC $264,000 Andrew K. Ricks, Ashley A. Hardee, Sharon.

MORTGAGE, DEED OF TRUST DIFFER WITH FORECLOSURES – EXPLAIN IN 50 words or less the difference between a mortgage and a deed of trust. You might reply ”Both security devices pledge real estate for repayment of a loan, a mortgage involves two parties.

The following deeds of trust were recorded with the Pitt County Registrar of Deeds from Dec. 5-11. Wesley P. Jones to Nationstar Mortgage LLC (d/b/a Mr. Cooper) $172,000 Jonathan R. Kuhn to State.

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My mother-in-law and her husband jointly own a single-family house in Havre de Grace. They paid off the mortgage in 1992 but did not receive a release of deed of trust or mortgage on the property.